Hermosor Clothing Reviews – Is It The Best Women’s Clothing Store or Another Online Scam?

Hermosor Clothing Reviews – Do you want the latest fashionable daily outfit that is comfortable to wear all day? Are you searching for a clothing website with beautiful dresses for a special event or occasion? In offline shopping, much time is wasted due to the unavailability of your favorite design or color, so digital shopping has thousands of options.

Hermosor is one of the best fashion retail shops among the trending clothing stores. They have gorgeous clothes and accessories for women, and daily outfits are on the top-selling dresses. To know more, we have dug up the website deeply.

Hermosor Clothing Reviews

About Hermosor

Hermosor is an e-commerce website that has different types of dresses for women. If you need some amazing and solid-colored outfits for daily wear, Hermosor clothes are for you. They are new on the market, and you may get dresses, jumpsuits, bags, and accessories from them. 

Hermosor delivers the products within 7 to 25 days after completing the order-placing process. This e-commerce claim that they provide its best quality products. Still, they offer you 30 days to return the unliked or damaged products. Their crucial information and legality nature is described below.

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Hermosor Clothing Products

The following are the main categories of Hermosor products:

Who are Hermosor Clothing for?

To engage more buyers, they manufacture and design clothes for all the customers. Whatever your size demand is, you may buy from them. They have clothes for customers sized from small to plus size. If you like printed or solid dresses, Hermosor dresses are for you.

Hermosor Clothing Attributes

Hermosor has the following unique properties in its products:

  • Attractive-Looking Dresses: Hermosor dresses have sexy and beautifully designed dresses. They try their best to create clothes for women to look attractive, and people admire that look.
  • Animal and Floral Printed Clothes: Hermosor dresses have designs that relate to animals and flowers. As you know, customers like floral and animal arrangements. According to everyone’s taste, they made clothes with different flowers and animals.
  • Discounts: Hermosor has various discount offers. Discounts are always attractive. If reasonable discounts are offered, people can shop more and indirectly, increasing website traffic. An additional 8% is shown on the first order, and they provide a maximum 25% discount.
  • Defined Policies: The e-commerce website must mostly define the shipping and returning policies. The official website says they ship within 7 to 25 business days. For incorrect items, Hermosor gives you 30 days for return or exchange. Hermosor offers free shipping for orders over US$79.
  • Variety of Dresses: Hermosor has almost thousands of products. Online stores with few products are less common than those like Hermosor, where customers can choose their favorite dress from a wide range.

Discount Offers

  • Digital shopping attracts customers through different discount offers. On your first order, you’ll get 8% off, and Hermosor offers discounts ranging from 5% to 25%. Free shipping for orders of over 79 dollars is also a big discount.

Is Hermosor Clothing a Legit Website or Another Online scam?

Online shopping is far better than offline shopping. But at the same time, online shopping is riskier regarding leaking money and confidential information. But many review websites determine the legal nature of these commercial websites. To know about Hermosor, remain with us till the end.

Hermosor has yet to share any details about the owner of the website. Also, they still need to provide a contact number or address. It is a trick scammers use to hide themselves and their identities.

On Trustpilot, there are no Hermosor clothing reviews or ratings. Trustpilot analyzes the Hermosor.com reviews and domain age, then gives the ratings to the customers to prove the legality.

The scam advisor is representing the trust score of Hermosor.com. According to them, they have only one trust score, which could be a better trust score for any website. Also, it is a fact that Hermosor recently launched a website. Hermosor registered on January 30, 2023. Its domain age must be over one year old to review a website.

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Hermosor Clothing Reviews By Customers

The official website has no Hermosor clothing reviews from any clients. On Facebook, there are few reactions. Hermosor’s Facebook page was created in 2012. And only 3 to 4 posts are published.

The Trustpilot and scam advisor are silent in showing Hermosor clothing reviews.


  • Variety of good material clothes.
  • Big discounts.
  • Facebook account is created.


  • No contact details.
  • No Hermosor clothing reviews.
  • Low trust score.
  • Less Facebook engagement.


Does Hermosor ship globally?

Yes, they deliver the products all over the world.

Does Hermosor charge a fee for shipment?

Yes, they do. You will only be charged something if the order price is at least $79 U.S.

Who is the owner of the Hermosor.com shop?

Hermosor.com doesn’t say anything about it.

Can I return the items, and if yes, then in how many days?

Yes, if you follow the instructions of their return policy and resend the items within 30 days.

Final Recommendations

We have researched a lot about Hermosor and concluded that it is a recently launched website. They have low trust scores and negative Hermosor clothing reviews. Further, they hide their identity, and the Facebook page needs more engagement. We recommend you refrain from placing orders or entering your information on this website.

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  1. Pam Todd

    Loved the dress and design,but a small fitting so order a size larger. I am now waiting how to return the dress for a larger size . Still waiting for a reply and advice on returning the dress a S it was sent without return address.

  2. Pam Todd

    Waiting for an answer.

  3. Joan Jansen Smith

    I have been trying for a month to get a Return Address/Authorization, as stated in Hermosor’s Return Policy. They just keep giving me a run-around and offered m3 $12 to keep both dresses in my order – $79.98 Total Order. What a deal! I thought this was a reputable company but apparently not, as they do not honor their Return Policy. DO NOT ORDER from them! You will never get a refund. Just a SCAM.

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